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Leadership Development

for Social Change

Political, Nonprofit, and Business Excellence 


Cascade is a convergence of careers, politics, athletics, education, and everyday experiences. 

Each of the people and all of the moments that have been inspirational to me have led me to create Cascade: a full-service leadership development and consulting firm that focuses on building gender equity in all arenas of leadership, especially political leadership. 

Are you looking for an engaging facilitator for a retreat or thoughtful coaching around a transition? Could you use some support with developing your organization and building your team? Would you like to determine your individual leadership values, as well as those of your team and organization? Cascade Consulting offers dynamic, personal, and flexible support that inspires and helps everyone thrive.
— Kristen Elechko, Principal, Cascade Consulting


Water is inspirational.  It is strong and powerful, as well as soft and gentle.  Water is essential and necessary for survival.  It always finds a way.

Waterfalls amplify the natural power of water.  They are beautiful and filled with movement.  They transform energy and direction. 

The essence of a waterfall is what is captured in Cascade and translated into our work.  Together, with inspiration, we build a more equitable world. 

It’s all about flow. 

Nothing can interrupt it. 


Cascade seeks to develop authentic and values-based leadership for women (and some men) who are running for elected positions, as well as serving nonprofits, and driving businesses. We believe that increasing diversity and incorporating a holistic approach are necessary for lasting, inclusive social change.  

Statement of Purpose:

I am committed to fixing the leaky pipeline between the political leadership programs that are training thousands of women across the nation and the leadership positions and elected offices, ultimately increasing the number of women in elected and leadership positions. 


  • To support the women (and some men) who are investing themselves in leadership positions, as a way towards building a more equitable society. These women are interested in serving civic society for the public good, not only personal gain. They are women who have been through the leadership training education programs and are taking the steps to be public and political leaders.

  • To create a world where women and men have equal opportunity social, politically and economically by increasing the women in elected positions, while creating and passing legislation that ensures and protects opportunity.

  • To create cohorts of leaders who can learn from each other and support each other.

  • To build networks of leaders and supporters who are able to change the landscape of leadership and politics.

  • To generate movements with these cohorts of leaders and their networks of supporters that effectively change the composition of leadership in elected positions, which then influences public policy and civic society.

Vision of success:

The women who run for elected positions and serve in leadership positions and elected offices feel fully supported through the process, therefore increasing the number of women:

  • Running and leading stronger campaigns and making smooth transitions.

  • Diversifying representation.

  • Shaping, writing, and legislating public policy that supports women and families.



Photo Credit: Chris Bennett, Aurora Photos

I offer:

  • political campaign management
  • development and fundraising for campaigns and election cycles
  • strategic planning for campaigns and election cycles,
  • messaging and communications
  • gender lens public policy advising
  • network building and resources for political campaigns
  • personal leadership coaching and support
  • nonprofit strategic planning, development and fundraising, and Executive Director coaching

**While I work mainly with women, I am open to working with men committed to gender equity in political leadership and public policy.